Union Christian College

Welcome to the Home Of Excellence



Core Values


Indicated in the logo, the following are the core values of Union Christian College: CHARACTER, CAREER, CITIZENSHIP. Union Christian College seeks to help individuals develop one's CHARACTER in pursuit of a productive CAREER towards responsible CITIZENRY





Welcome to Union Christian College Family! Yes, UCC is your family. It is your second home. Being yours second home, it is expected that all of us be bound by the love of our Creator. For you to know better your second home, Union Christian College, we invite you to feed yourself with her foundation goals and how she became into being





A distinct Christian educational institution committed to whole person development in response to societal needs.





Union Christian College is committed to: EXCEL to produce Educationally eXcellent an Christ-Empowered Leaders; SUCCEED to promote Stewardship, Unity, Community Collaboration, Exploration, Experiment and Discovery; Be a GREAT provider of a Glocally Responsive Education that Achieves Targets in Faith, Instruction, Research and Extension.