About UCC





Union Christian College is committed to: EXCEL to produce Educationally eXcellent an Christ-Empowered Leaders; SUCCEED to promote Stewardship, Unity, Community Collaboration, Exploration, Experiment and Discovery; Be a GREAT provider of a Glocally Responsive Education that Achieves Targets in Faith, Instruction, Research and Extension.






A distinct Christian educational institution committed to whole person development in response to societal needs.






As an educational institution, Union Christian College seeks a life of faith, learning, competence and action that shall develop people into becoming spiritually and ethically competent and honest, technologically-oriented for global competence, creativity aware and responsive to the needs, aspirations, and realization of a just, free, and responsible social order.



UCC Hymn

Heralds of the Dawning Day

Lyrics: Dr. Eliezer D. Mapanao

Tune: Malaysian Folk Song

Where the sun and the sky in majesty Form with the wind and the wave to form a gentle bay Stands a College that’s built for you and me And for all people who seek the more excellent way For our country to live and truly free


UCC, School that seeks to grow and be Seedbed of a truly free fully just humanity; In your service we pledge our loyalty to fulfill the ministry That our God requires from thee.

In the search for the truth that sets us free We seek the ways of pure intellectual honesty, And a deep moral sensitivity; And act with courage and full responsibility To uphold our people’s dignity.

In the classroom or mart or crowded street The home or office or anywhere on earth we meet Those who seek life and life abundantly Make us to be heralds of the dawning glorious day And the makers of peace where’re we be.


UCC Hymn

Lyrics: Bishop Onofre G. Fonceca

Music: Prof. Agustin Estacio>

Up along the San Fernando way, On a hill o'er loking the bay There’s a school, the only one our dearest Union Christian


Up where the gentle breezes blow Where a wider view we come to know There’s a school for me, for you We love her, don’t you? I do!

So we sing of Union Christian School It’s the College we now extol, we study we work, we stand For God, Home and Native Land.

Here the mind and heart together go, Here the body and soul together grow. Nothing good is left undone, Our all for Union Christian.


Centennial Song

Keep on Doing What Matters Most

By: Drs. Luna & Pearl Dingayan

Come, let's celebrate the work we have done; doing what matters most; We’re getting stronger as the years go by; doing what matters most.


Keep on doing, doing what matters most. Keep on doing, doing what matters most.

Our beloved and most cherished UCC, where mind and heart go; Where body and soul together grow; doing what matters most.

Love of our country we will teach to everyone; building our love for all; Where happiness and freedom is abound; doing what matters most.

Faith and hope we pray for future yet to come; doing what matters most; And may the Good Lord guide and keep us all; doing what matters most.