Union Christian College Affiliation

    ACPAE. Assoc. of Certified Public Accountants in Education
    ACSCU. Association of Private Schools, Colleges & Universities
    ADPCN. Association of Deans of Philippine Colleges of Nursing
    APCAS. Association of Philippine Colleges of Arts and Sciences
    APS CSF. Association of Private Schools in City of San Fernando
    APSCU. Association of Private Schools, Colleges and Universities
    APSOM. Association of Phil. Schools of Midwifery, Inc.
    ARE1-Association of Registrars in Region 1
    ATVILU. Association of Technical-Vocational Institutions in La Union
    CREATE-UCCP. Church Related Educational Action Towards Empowerment
    ISO. Institute of Social Order
    PACU. Phil. Association of Colleges and Universities
    PAFTE. Philippine Association for Teachers and Educators
    PAGE. Philippine Association of Graduate School Educators
    PASOA. Philippine Association of Students in Office Admin.
    PATLEPAM. Philippine Association of Tertiary Educational Institution in Environmental Protection and Management
    PICPA. Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants
    PNA. Philippine Nurses Association
    PSITE. Philippine society of Information Technology Educations
    RANIE. Region 1 Association for NSTP Implementers and Educators
    RAPPHEI. Regional Association of Public & Private Higher Educational Institutions
    UBCHEA. United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia
    UCCP. United of Christ in the Philippines
    WCCI. World Council for Curriculum and Instruction