Dr. Balaki Graces the 109 th UCC Founding Anniversary

Dr. Balaki Graces the 109 th UCC Founding Anniversary

             San Fernando City, La Union, Philippines – The Union Christian College (UCC) which was founded in 1910 Celebrates its 109th years of excellence in service and Founding Anniversary on November 16 to December 6, 2019 with Dr. Edwin T. Balaki, President of Southern Christian College in Midsayap, Cotabato as the Guest of Honor and Speaker. Other speakers are Ms. Virginia  Lee Co, Vice President for Finance, Manly Plastics, Inc. and UCCP Bishop Joseph C. Agpaoa, Northern Luzon Jurisdictional Area for the Anniversary Thanksgiving Worship.

             President Balaki will share the “Best Practices of Southern Christian College Experiences” to the Academic community of Union Christian College. He will also speak during the UCCP Church Workers’ Seminar on Christian Stewardship and Strategic Planning on November 23 and finally as a Guest Preacher during the joint UCC-UCCP Sunday Worship Service on November 21, 2019 at the UCC Capitol Church.

            Part of the Anniversary Celebration is to share the updates and developments of Union Christian College under the leadership of Dr. Geoffrey S. Tilan who took over the Presidency in February 2018 to the present. Upon his assumption into office, President Tilan launched his Five (5) Year Transformative Governance Agenda (2018-2023) with the full support of the Council of Leaders and Stakeholders of the institution.

            In less than two (2) years in office, the following priority programs and projects were implemented and accomplished, namely; 1) Union Christian College today has partially recovered from its financial crisis with increased in enrollment and enhanced course offerings in consortium with Philippine Christian University (PCU); 2) UCC settled and up-dated all its financial obligations to the Social Security System (SSS) for the welfare of the  employees; 3) reduced its retirement payables to retirees by more than fifty percent; 4) reduced to the maximum, the liquidation of unliquidated cash advances of employees incurred in the previous administration; 5) paid more than One Million Pesos fund counterpart share of UCC for the construction of the first floor foundation of the Four (4) Storey UCC Alumni Building Project; 6) automated the management systems of UCC such as the library system, payroll system, enrollment system and the inventory system among others, all designed to improve the delivery of an effective service to the clientele and stakeholders; 7) installation of the Internet Café and Research Learning Center for the students and faculty to do their research and other learning activities; 8) installation of the most reliable and dependable Wi-Fi and internet connectivity with four (4) access points at the library, Conference hall, graduate school and the computer laboratories as well as the elementary under the direct supervision of the Management Information Services Office headed by Gerard Dela Cruz; 9) installation of air-conditioned units in all classrooms of the elementary, junior and senior high schools and the college for a more conductive learning atmosphere; 10) installation of CCTV in all strategic areas of the campus to provide security measures to the students and employees; and  11) installation of the railings and concreting of the sidewalk pavement from the UCC building to the entrance of the Bethany Hospital with the support of Dr. Fernando A. Astom, Chief Executive Officer.

            With these, Union Christian College is now in the National Map of Top and Most Popular Universities and Colleges in the country based on the 2019 ranking.

            The accomplishments are the “breakthroughs” that happened under the presidency of Dr. Geoffrey S. Tilan as its gifts on the occasion of its 109th Founding Anniversary.

            The 109th Founding Anniversary Calendar of Activities are as follows: 1) 2nd International Research Conference 2019; 2) SENTINEL  Plastic Manufacturing Corporation Showroom Opening; 3) Anniversary Thanksgiving Fellowship Lunch; 4) Academic Forum on WPE Best Practices; the Southern Christian College Experience; 5) Seminar on Christian Stewardship and Strategic Planning for UCC Church Workers; 6) Joint UCC-UCCP Sunday Worship Service; 7) UCC Corporate Seal/Logo Making Contest and Literary-Musical Contest; 8) Cultural Show cum UCC King and Queen; 9) Community Convergence; and 10) Anniversary Thanksgiving Worship Service  and Color Run. The 2019 UCC program Steering Committee is headed by Dr. Marilou L. Agustin, VP for Academic Affairs.

            All the programs and activities of the 109th Founding Anniversary are part of the implementation of the Whole Person Education Program of Union Christian College in fulfillment of its Vision: “A distinct Christian Educational Institution Committed to Whole Person Education, responsive to global and local needs and job-market opportunities”… for God’s glory and honor.

Dr. Jose P. Mainggang
VP for Administration and Finance

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