Union Christian College Showcases Impactful Research Outputs at the 9th Service-Learning Asia Network Conference

Union Christian College (UCC) proudly participated in the 9th Service-Learning Asia Network Conference, hosted online by CHRISTI University in India from July 19-21, 2023. The conference served as a platform for sharing research outputs that highlight the transformative power of service-learning as an instructional approach and a tool for community engagements in promoting whole person education.
During the conference, UCC presented two faculty research outputs that garnered significant attention and praise. The first presentation titled “The Transformative Power of Service-Learning: Enhancing Student Engagement, Well-Being, and Skill Development in Pre-Service Teacher Education and General Education Students in the Philippines” was conducted by Dr. Cherrel G. Ignacio, SEAS Dean, Prof. Teofilo B. Damoco, Research Director, and Prof. Homer Noel P. Bautista, SEAS-SHS Faculty. This groundbreaking research shed light on the manifold benefits of integrating service-learning into the educational curriculum, emphasizing its potential to enhance student engagement, overall well-being, and the development of essential skills.
The second presentation, “UCC-Service-Learning: A Meta-Analysis on the Realization of the Whole Person Education,” was delivered by Dr. Marilou L. Agustin, VPAA, and Dr. Manelyn I. Cacho, CCETID Director. This meta-analysis brought forth valuable insights into the realizations and accomplishments achieved through UCC’s implementation of service-learning, reaffirming the college’s commitment to providing holistic education that nurtures the whole person.
The 9th Service-Learning Asia Network Conference is a significant event for UCC, as it marks the college’s continued dedication to adopting service-learning as an instructional approach and fostering community partnerships. In 2019, UCC became an esteemed member of the Service-Learning Asian Network, distinguishing itself as one of the few higher education institutions in the Philippines embracing this impactful pedagogy.
On the third day of the conference, Dr. Marilou L. Agustin and Dr. Manelyn I. Cacho will represent Union Christian College in the business meeting. The meeting aims to discuss and further programs along with the implementation of service-learning initiatives to expand its positive impact on students and communities.
UCC remains committed to promoting service-learning as an essential aspect of its educational philosophy, preparing students to become active and compassionate contributors to society. The college’s participation in the 9th Service-Learning Asia Network Conference demonstrates its dedication to advancing the field of service-learning and sharing valuable insights with the global academic community.