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Bro. Manolito Moncada’s Message for SY 2020-2021

Dear Students, Parents and Families of Class of 2020-2021: 

On behalf of the Union Christian College (UCC) ManCom and the Board of Trustees, we welcome you UCC academic family. UCC is one of the oldest and leading private college here at the Northern Philippines (province of La Union), focused on providing an exceptional education for all our students. Along with that, our UCC campus offers also a safe, vibrant central location (Plaza) for students and families. We pray and hope that you and your family safe and well during these unsettling times.  No doubt, this COVID-19 pandemic has created uncertainty for all of us, especially pronounced for new students (and their parents) as you head off for your first year at UCC.  Obviously, things are a little concerning for all of us still.

We enjoin together as an institution to take heart in continuing our Mission by providing Learned (nurtured) Knowledge from our talented, equipped and gifted Faculties, Teachers and Staffs.  With His Grace and Mercy, in Living we trust on Lord’s assurance in our midst, believing that His Spirit presence, He shall sustains us to meet our goals for this school year. With prayers, we hope to become the humble servants someday to Lead our communities and work places here in our province, country and in global setting.

Moreover, for the new students, congratulations on choosing Union Christian College (UCC) for your kindergarten, elementary, high school, undergraduate and graduate experience. And for those continuing, we are very grateful for believing in UCC to further your education till graduation. As you may know, we have been teaching only remotely during the 2nd Semester 2019-2020.  Because of the unavoidable consequence of the pandemic, UCC continues to provide ON LINE Classes and adopt the latest technology to ensure effective and efficient delivery of our educational information. Starting this first 1st semester 2020-2021, you’ll have a community of around 1,200 students and thousands of alumni who have also been on this journey.  

Again, UCC will be back in the 2nd Semester, and we look forward to welcoming you to campus. Please stay safe and well. May God Bless us all and UCC.




Executive Trustee, ManCom, UCC

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